Kerry Fox and Emma Heyde

Former State and Federal Greens candidate Emma Heyde is standing for Mayor in the upcoming Hornsby council elections – and she has the backing of a former rival, business leader, Kerry Fox.

Ms Fox ran for parliament as an Independent against Ms Heyde in the 2015 State election. But she’s thrown her endorsement behind Ms Heyde’s tilt at the mayoralty because, she says, “We need a Mayor that is passionate, honest and who genuinely cares about us. That’s Emma.”

“I am thrilled to endorse Emma as Mayor for Hornsby. Her dedication to our community is why I’m supporting her.

“These elections are about nurturing and protecting our community today and caring for its future. We want a council that puts its residents first – not just pays lip-service to that ideal,” Ms Fox said.

Heyde is well known in the community for her anti-waste campaign Bag Free Beecroft, her leading role in the fight to protect South Dural from development, from campaigns to save trees and bushland at Byles Creek Valley in Beecroft, and for her opposition to the privatisation of the Epping to Chatswood rail line.

As Mayor, Heyde said she would bring “new ideas and energy” to Hornsby Council.

“I come from a community that doesn’t wait for someone else to fix things. We don’t whinge – we get on with finding solutions ourselves.

“I led the spectacularly successful campaign by local Beecroft residents and businesses to reduce plastic waste. We kicked some big goals, including national TV coverage which helped to change Woolworths’ policy on plastic.

“I’ve got a proud history of standing up against South Dural developers and speaking up for residents and services. I have campaigned against the closure of the Epping to Chatswood train line and I have worked hard to protect bushland and urban tree canopy.

“I love where I live. But sadly, four years of a radical pro-development agenda from Hornsby Council has left our Shire in a mess. We must get better control over where our rates are spent, who gets to build what and the neighbourhoods we leave to our children.

“Just take a look around at rampant overdevelopment, choked public transport, impassable roads. The community trusts me to tackle these problems because I’ve got a proven record of honesty, hard work, and putting the community first.

“Having the same political party at all three levels of government has been bad for our infrastructure and our environment.

“This Council has overseen the disastrous amalgamation bungle that has left Hornsby Shire $200 million worse off. The Council then went ahead and voted themselves a payrise at the same time as having to consider sacking staff and cut services because of their poor financial decisions.

“Hornsby Council needs someone with new ideas and old-fashioned values like honesty, hard work and putting the community first. That’s what I stand for.

“We don’t need another four years of business as usual from the same old parties with the same old failed policies,” Ms Heyde said.

Mayoral candidate Emma Heyde’s vision for Hornsby:

  • Invest in better facilities for the children of Hornsby
  • Ensure council listens to ratepayers, not developers
  • Get smarter about waste and reduce plastic
  • Provide better services for commuters
  • Stop destructive over-development in South Dural
  • Promote ‘buy local’
  • Support businesses and communities in getting energy independence
  • Preserve our parks and bushlands