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Federal Election 2022: Our Candidate for the House of Representatives

Tania Salitra

There’re so many reasons I am proud to stand as The Greens candidate for Berowra; most importantly, it’s the compassion in our extensive and costed policies for vulnerable and marginalised people; our environment and animals. The Greens are the party of common sense polices for the common good.

Yes, the money-hoarding billionaires should pay more tax and yes, tertiary education should be free, as it used to be. No politician over the age of 54 had to pay off a HECS debt before they could buy a house. We know a strong economy and a compassionate government aren’t mutually exclusive.

As a child, I believed we voted for governments who were interested and strong enough to make the right decisions, to improve our lives. That’s what should have been happening with climate change, so I’m standing with The Greens because there has never been a worse time for Australia with self-absorbed and billionaire-serving politicians.

I’m born and bred Sydney, but I’ve spent many years in the Hunter where I experienced first-hand the effect of power station and coal mining pollution on mine and my baby’s health and our environment. And the absolute joy of seeing koalas around the neighbourhood. Berowra has koalas. I’ve heard a call, just once, in the Berowra Valley National Park and we must do everything we can to protect and nurture them.

With almost two decades in Australian manufacturing management, I’m passionate about retaining and improving Australia’s manufacturing base. We’ve lost over twenty years of progress where we could have been at the forefront of renewable energy technology, but for the short-sightedness of those beholden to the coal and gas industries. Australian manufacturing matters. We can’t all be a CEO or IT professional.
In NSW we’ve had four major disasters in three years, an aged care crisis that’s killing our precious elderly from neglect, a housing crisis, low wage growth and soaring costs of living; this current government has had the opportunity to right it’s wrongs but refuses to care enough to bother. Instead sitting back, waiting to hear how loud the outcry to decide how they will react. Every aspect of our lives is viewed through a prism of marketing opportunities for political gain.

There is a better way. By voting The Greens into the balance of power, we will bring much needed reform to a broken system, ensuring those in power are held to account with a federal integrity commission, urgent action on climate change, housing reform  and care for the most vulnerable in our society.

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Federal Election 2022: Our Candidate for the Senate

David Shoebridge

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Hornsby Greens actively campaigns on renewable energy, housing affordability, public transport, public education and preserving green spaces, while Greens NSW has altogether over 50 separate policies.