Hornsby Council Election 2017

The Greens announced on Monday they will run a full ticket at the upcoming 2017 Hornsby Shire Council elections. Lead candidates Emma Heyde, Joseph Nicita and David Sentinella will be backed by an accomplished and truly diverse team.

Ms Heyde said her party would be offering an enterprising new vision for the area. “The Greens is the only party with the courage to say yes to affordable housing, yes to reining in the developers, yes to clean energy and yes to better community services.”

The long-time Cheltenham resident said there was palpable frustration in the community over rocketing housing prices and out-of-control development. “For too long developers have called the shots. We need responsible development that enhances our neighbourhoods, not destroys them.

“We are committing to serious consultation with residents as we believe their needs must be heard before major changes are made to this community. Families in this district want better community childcare, stronger protection of our green spaces and more solar rooftop initiatives – not a council that is in the pockets of developers.”

“It is clear Hornsby Council has abandoned its clean energy targets. New leadership is needed to move towards an independent energy future for Hornsby,” Ms Heyde said.

Among the candidates are professionals working in finance, engineering, IT, journalism, the arts, education and childcare. The full list of Greens candidates:

  • A Ward: David Sentinella, Megan Ash and Junior Marchant
  • B Ward: Joseph Nicita, Stacey Purcell and Susan Hughes
  • C Ward: Emma Heyde, Monica Tan and Mohammad Khalid

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge supported the party’s campaign launch held in Hornsby. “It’s exciting to see a campaign that provides a genuine alternative to ‘business-as-usual’ politics and that this council election team reflects Australia’s diversity,” he said.