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Hornsby Council Local Government Election 2021

In the last Hornsby Council Election in December 2021, Hornsby Shire residents returned a Greens councillor in each ward.

Don’t hesitate to contact them to discuss any local government issues you may be facing.

Ward A

Tania Salitra

Tania’s career has been largely based in the creative industries, currently as a commercial photographer and previously as a production manager in the fast-paced fashion industry, specialising in Australian-made clothing. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Communication. Tania will widen the diversity of voices on Hornsby Council in gender and career, to advocate and speak up for those who can’t. 


Ward B

Monika Ball

Monika is a qualified Landscape Designer with additional studies in Holistic Land Management and Permaculture. She works locally, in an ecologically focused business, whose aim is to reduce the chemical load on our environment. Prior to this career change Monika had extensive management experience in the commercial sector. She volunteers as a Primary school Ethics teacher and organises and supports projects that clean and green our local environment.

Ward C

Emma Heyde

Emma is a proud two term C Ward councillor. 

Emma is mum to a son at uni and a daughter at school. Elected in 2017, she has delivered for her local community and the whole of Hornsby Shire. 

She has been the driving force behind the plan to reduce plastic waste and reduce Council’s greenhouse gas emissions. She ran a successful campaign with local residents to get Cherrybrook’s buses back. Emma championed fair rents for community preschools and delivered new design standards for future high-rise development.

A passionate environmentalist, Emma also helped exempt Hornsby Shire from state government boundary clearing laws which threatened to decimate Hornsby’s rural areas. 

Emma has the energy, ideas and record of service to her community to make sure the community has a say on the big issues:

  • reducing waste, especially plastics 
  • protecting agricultural land, koala habitat and our climate 
  • securing a safe crossing for pedestrians, mobility vehicles and people on bikes across New Line Road 
  • better bus services to get people to the trains and metro. 

Come see The Koalas Movie, participate in the Q&A, learn about how they may come back!

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 Book at this link.

The Koalas film quotes

Hosted by Hornsby Greens

The koala is being pushed to the brink by habitat loss, urban development, logging & other factors. Can it survive? Wildlife carers observe an increase in sick and injured koalas coming into care. A government enquiry finds that the koala could be extinct in the wild by 2050. Firestorms in 2019/20 followed by floods kill an estimated 61,000 koalas. Saving the koala will take more than the promise of emergency government funding, scientific research, or rescue and care. This film follows the fate of individual koalas that have survived so far but whose future is uncertain. Weaving stories with compelling characters- wildlife carers, scientists, and ecologists in the field, and informed commentary the film questions whether Australia can save an iconic threatened species like the koala. If not, what does it say about us?

Q&A Panel 

Sue Higginson, NSW Greens MP, is an environmental law expert and has practiced as a public interest environmental lawyer. She is the former Principal Solicitor and CEO of the Environmental Defenders Office, Australia's leading public interest environmental law centre. https://www.suehigginson.org

Lilly Schwartz is Hills Shire Environmental Citizen of the Year 2024. Lilly co-ordinates the HIlls-Hornsby Rural Koala Project (HHRKP) on Dharug land. The HHRKP is a volunteer run project which is investigating koala presence in our region. As well as discussing the tracking of koala activity in the Hills-Hornsby area, Lilly will bring some koala scat, scratch mark photos and audio of koala calls to help residents recognise potential koala activity.

Shaun WardenWildlife Educator, Rehabilitator & CEO, Growing Food for Wildlife Project - https://www.growingfoodforwildlifeproject.org 

Scott Melhuish: Koala Advocacy is an initiative aiming to support & defend koalas and their habitat throughout Australia against all threats, both natural and those caused by human society. More information at https://koalaadvocacy.org


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